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Sep./Oct. '09

The organization is still growing—recently a group of men from California signed up and are already planning a fall rendezvous up in the central part of the state (I believe that is central, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in that area). It promises to be a great time and I hope those who can possibly make it there do so.

There has been a change in officers. Don Morgan had to leave the post of Secretary/Treasurer and Pat Quilter has graciously offered to resume that job. His address is located on the website under Officers. We still have enough funds to do what we need to do, and Pat will be sending out a hard copy letter soon to update all of you on NAF activities.

There are several possible 2010 national rendezvous in the works—one in California, one in Colorado and, of course, the one I already wrote about, in southern Utah. I am not sure about the other two, but whether it ends up as the national encampment or not, I will be setting up an NAF camp with the Anasazi Free Trappers outside Saint George, Utah in early June 2010 (see the Anasazi Free Trappers website for details of dates and directions to get there. For that matter, I am still hosting a camp there during the last week of September this year. As soon as the details and decisions are made concerning next year’s actual national encampment you will be notified.



I haven’t seen much activity in men applying for advancement. That is fine with me, as the organization was set up to make that an individual thing, but for those who are getting out on the ground, it seems to me that trekking and etc., would be a great time to accomplish the requirements without to much strain. Keeping a log or diary or journal is a good way to keep track of them.

It has been a wet summer for the southwest and west. That means that a lot of growth such as cheatgrass has come up and as the season advances there will be more fire danger. If you plan on attending any of the events in these areas you should plan on a fire ban. Not necessarily so, but good to plan for.

That’s about it for the news. Good camping and healthy times to you all

Yr Ob’t &tc — Bill C., Captain







Announcement - Change *

Our own and original Treasurer/Secretary Pat Quilter has returned to his old job functions as our newly elected one had other oblations._




Treasurer - Secretary


I called Don Morgan to ask about the Treasurer's report. He advised that he needed to step down from Treas/Sec position a couple of months ago, we didn't get the word. The balance of our account stands $1625.39. I will take back the Sec-Treas duties for the time being, which will entail updating the roster, receiving funds, making reimbursements etc.
NAF Secretary-Treasurer
Patrick Quilter
639 Thalia St
Laguna Beach, CA, 92651





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