The North American Frontiersmen


Smoke Signals

Sep./Oct. '09

Bi-Monthly Magazine

Captain's Log

A message from your Captain, Monsieur Bill Cunningham and an announcement change of officers.

Camp Life

Edible foods, foraged and cultivated along camp wares, in this issue he will go over your personal equipage, along with a few personal sources he recommends.

Life on the Frontier

Article on period edibles by William Gorby who shares his vast knowledge and research with the readers of a time long gone.

Elmer's Ramblings

Elmer Doolittle shares a few hints on giving a speech along with some food for thought from our forefathers.

Working with Flintlocks

Buck Conner goes over some basic requirements on making a flintlock work correctly.


Our old friend Don Keas straightens us out on Graniteware with a little history of the product.

1st Canoe Adventure

Randy Bublitz tells of his first canoeing adventure on new waters.

LeRoy Hafen's Books

Our Captain gives us reference to some great history and good reading of a time gone bye..

Winter Comfort

Our own Mr. Kramer shares his knowledge of making winter camping more comfortable.


NAF's "Trade Room" - here's the place to sell your period items at no charge to you. All deals are handle by you the seller and your purchaser, we just provide the place to advertise your wares.

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