Sep/Oct 2009

Jan/Feb 2007

  1. Captain's Log

  2. Camp Life

  3. Frontier Life

  4. Ramblings

  5. Period Travel

  6. Graniteware

  7. 1st Canoe Trek

  1. Monsieur Bill Cunningham and an announcement change of officers.
  2. Edible foods, foraged and cultivated along camp wares.
  3. William Gorby who shares his vast knowledge and research.
  4. Few hints on giving a speech along with thought from our forefathers.
  5. When period trekking is mentioned. What or how will you travel?
  6. Don Keas straightens us out on Graniteware with a little history.
  7. Randy Bublitz tells of his first canoeing adventure on new waters.