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Part of my job as editor has been to watch the activity shown on this website and on the North  American Frontiersmen website. In the years past we have had many viewers reading our ramblings, in other words good numbers. This past year our numbers have been down with viewers at both websites and at our different encampments. The NAF is not the only group that has noticed this trend, is it the economy, no work or less funds to attend such functions? 

Our Officers are looking at different ways to get the word out of upcoming events and keeping a tight budget at the same time. This is not an easy task with trying to meet every ones needs. One of the suggestions is going back to a newsletter every few months mailed to all the members of upcoming meetings, camps and National events. This is just one of several ideas to keep our members informed and still stay within budget. As note worthy ideas are suggested we will keep you informed. Several are compiling lists of different activities in the different states at this time.

This is the last issue I had agreed to put up with our Captain over a year ago while the NAF found some new blood for this position and several other positions. I will continue to take care of these two websites (NAF main site & this on-line magazine site) until we have someone in place to take over.

Thank you for your time and may you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season.

There's an old Chinese proverb - it goes something like "Speak only if it is an improvement upon silence".






* The North American Frontiersmen Association will help to fill these jobs:

  • 1. Editor for the NAF website
  • 2. Editor for the NAF bi-monthly On-Line Magazine "Smoke Signals"
  • 3. Editor for producing a bi-monthly hard copy newsletter.

Members interested should contact an Officer of this Association or the editor: buckconner@yahoo.com

Some experience will be needed with editing the website pages and producing new ones. The Officers will help with getting you started and provide what they can for making you comfortable in these positions.

Thank you.






Buck Conner

“One who trades” English.
“Uno qui én negocia" Spanish.
“Unqui commerce” French.



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