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April 17th.  

I am writing this message while the western slope of Colorado is still in the throes of spring. If you haven't experienced Rocky Mountain spring weather, you haven't missed whole lot. Today is the 17th of April. The temperature is in the low to mid forties and there is four inches of wet snow covering what yesterday was green pastures and blue waters. I am packing for the annual rendezvous being held outside Saint George Utah where the temperature today at noon was 68 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the fifties here and in the eighties there. Since it is about a nine hour drive from my home to the rendezvous site and the route runs through several mountain ranges  I expect to undergo some unique changes in road conditions along the way. It is great to be a mountain man! I wouldn't change this for anything in the world! 

I have had the pleasure of dealing with and talking to a number of NAF members since the last issue of Smoke Signals came out. It has been a real pleasure. Harry Carlson, the Factor for the Florida area flew in a couple days ago and we have been having a great visit. He will travel to rendezvous with me and intends to make the most of it. He says that I have no idea how fortunate those of us who live in the mountains are. I agree. 

It looks like there will be a decent showing of NAF folks at the rendezvous and it should be a great time. I will be reporting on it in the July/August issue. Provided I get some help running this machine I hope to post some photographs for everyone of just how much fun we will have had. 

Our membership numbers are slowly growing and here and there members are managing to communicating with each other and I know that some have already been able to get together and get on the ground. I'm hoping to hear of many more. Howdy Davis has plans to post some articles in the Smoke Signals on survival fishing which I in turn intend to try out. I hope you all can do the same. Until we meet again in one fashion or another, I remain, Yr Svt


June 24th.

There will be an NAF camp in southern Utah at the site of the Anasazi Free Trappers property during the last week of September. At that time the weather is grand down there!  The property is easily located by going to the Anasazi Free Trappers web site which has directions noted. 

If you cannot figure that out just get in touch with me (970-240-6090). The archery, rifle, smoothbore, and knife and hawk ranges will be set up for your use. There are hooters in place and firewood aplenty. You will have to bring your own water, although I will probably have enough for those who can't. 

For those who want to fly out to Vegas, Mesquite, or St. George, I can arrange transportation from the airports. This camp has a lot to offer - you canoeists will be in easy reach of the Colorado river and its associated lakes such as Powell, Meade, Mohave, and Havasu. Just below the camp is a smaller lake that has grand fishing! For those who wish to have a longer camp you can come early and stay as long as you wish.

 This is an opportunity to meet and greet other NAF members and to hone your wilderness skills. There will be classes and symposiums (whatever the hell those are). For those who have difficulty bringing tents, firearms, etc., we can fix you up. Just provide notice.

 If you Factors will get in touch with your members I will appreciate it. Let them know about this and encourage them to come. They can bring their friends and families. Saint George ain't all that much, but it does have factory outlets for shopping and Las Vegas is not far away.

 As I have more information I will continue to update you.


                                                   I remain, Yr Svt.

Bill Cunningham



Don Morgan





Don will be back next issue if his recovering goes well. Seems his wife found out about his new rifle and an old girl friend in the same evening. The Ass Whopping was unbelievable we are told by a neighbor living a 1/2 mile down the road. Get healed Don we miss you. Your friends at Smoke Signals Staffing.


Respectfully submitted by

Yr  Humble & Ob't S' V' T

Don Morgan  NAF #42 


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