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These are from this years rendezvous.  I'm planning another outing down here in late September.

The civie is the judge - couldn't get him in leathers.


This picture was taken before Cunningham fell.


Now Howdy is saying he will win this event.


Bob Loyd, Harry Carlson, Howdy Davis


Cunningham has recovered and shoots again.


Howdy is telling everyone how he got screwed on that shoot.


Here we go again.

The women are now trying their hand.

If you look close you'll see that Harry is sneaking up on that mountain lion in the Wilde's camp.

The NAF flag flew all week.

There's always a group of NAF guys around at meal time.

This little gal will shove a knitting needle where you never thought there should be one if you sneak up on her.



I have talked to Vikki Wilde in St. George and have the go ahead to have a camp on their property just about anytime I wish (I am now a member of the club, joining when I showed up at the rendezvous).  So. . . it is my plan to have a fall rendezvous, or at least a good camp. Probably anywhere around the middle of September up to the first of October. I need to get my schedule worked out but that's about it. I believe the best time down there are the last two weeks of September through the first two weeks of October - I just have to get things worked out to decide which one will work best. Perhaps we could ask people to call or email me if they think they could attend and tell us what is best for them? The targets will be up on the archery range, the rifle range and the same for sharp objects people throw. The hooters will be available and the weather at that time of year is always dreamy. 

Whatt'a ya think?


The weatherman says "if you don't come down, shame on you all".

I am serving notice now that unless someone can come up with a more viable plan for the NAF Annual Encampment for 2010. It will be my intent to hold it, as we did this year, along with the Anasazi Free Trappers. The same situation will exist. We are offered the same camp site and it will be pretty much the same dates although you can come early and stay late. Now is the time to begin making your vacation plans for next year. I hope you can make this NAF rendezvous part of them.

                                                      Yír Obdít &tc

Bill Cunningham



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