By: Howdy Davis

January 2008,  I up in my perch looking out the window at the snow falling in the Sunshine.  What a sight. 

Had a couple of you call me asking what I'm reading and I thought that was really nice.  So I decided to list what's on my night stand.


Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide.

   Backwoods Home Magazine

   PO Box 712,  Gold Beach, Oregon 97444


This is a magazine that has to do with home survival.  It also has compiled issues.  Worth taking a look.  I use these for my seminars.

The Hawken Rifle:  It's place in history 

by Charles E. Hanson, Jr.

May be out of print, Try the web

America on the Edge

   Backwoods Home Magazine

   PO Box 712,  Gold Beach, Oregon 97444


Another Backwoods Home magazine

Primitive Technology  a book of Earth Skills

   The Society of Primitive Technology

   Edited by David Wescott


Order Through Book Store

The Official Urban Wilderness Emergency Survival Guide

   A handbook needed by every American to Combat today's Terrorist Threat

Survival Specialists, P.O. Box 12619, Knoxville, Tennessee, 12619-0619       e-mail

Infinity Publishing

Hope You Enjoy.  Anyone know of any interesting books pass the info along.  Above Primitive Technology is a must have.  Wilderness Emergency has some medical stuff - a wonderful guide. 

Howdy Davis  


This column is written by the members & friends of the North American Frontiersmen to provide ideas, hints and address needs in this sport.

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