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Ole B. Jensen

1= Strike a light powder horn with removable end. This horn will hold your tinder, charcloth, flint & steel. I am asking $35.00 + shipping.     I can send picture.

Ole B. Jensen

1= Custom Quirt with beautiful beaded strap, I am asking $200.00 + shipping.  I will consider trade.  I can send pictures.


Ole B. Jensen

1= Custom knife with sheath, I am asking $50.00 + shipping.  I will consider trade.  I can send pictures.


Ole B. Jensen


1 pair brain tanned man's size 10 moccasin with key hole quill work. they are used and need sewing on one of the heel seams. there are no holes in them and the leather is in great condition. These Moccasins were made by "Linda Wood". I can send pictures.
I am asking $100.00


John Kramer


Copper tankard, nut galls for ink, arch punches, butcher knife w/buckeye handle, 1700's axe head, dupont powder can, NOS hoof knives for custom handles, ink well, razor box, exotic leathers, rein keeper, rattlesnake skins, rawhide (elk, deer, buffalo), asphaltum varnish, rare gums, oils, resins, acids, combination tools, and lots more. Trade only no cash sales.







The items shown on this page with a picture, helps to sell your product - like they say "a picture is worth a 1000 words".

The seller needs to sends to contact the editor about the wares wanting posted on the "Trade Room" page, send either a jpg, gif. file or picture to our him.  He will in turn place the description and picture on this page for those interested in buying or trading with the seller.  The editor will show your email address to help you and your buyer make a deal in the transaction.



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Buck Conner

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Unqui commerce” French


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