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The elections have come and gone. I was elected the new Captain, Don Morgan was elected Secretary/Treasurer, and Howdy Davis was re-elected Chief Factor. Seems simple enough.

As many have noticed, the NAF's web site has been inoperative for quite some time. I am happy to have it running again. Over the next little period there will be segments that will be down as we restructure parts of it. At those times there will be a construction notice and hopefully an estimated time for that section to be back in service.

A national rendezvous is being planned for this summer. An actual paper type letter will be sent to each member to give everyone the particulars as soon as arrangements are completed. It is hoped that everyone will try to plan their vacations so that they can attend. We keep getting new members and that is a good thing. I hope it means that the attendance at the rendezvous will swell until we look like a special interest convention. Our rendezvous (as does our association) welcomes non-member guests. Bring 'em if you have 'em. I believe it will be worth coming to the rendezvous even if an individual can dedicate only one day for it. What better way to meet the other members and get some real face time? I realize that gasoline and diesel fuel comes might dear these days. Perhaps a call to your area Factor could result in a car pool? Sharing the expenses is a good way to go. As the only two members up this way, Howdy and I will share and will be happy to pick up anyone who lives along the way.

As you know, this organization was formed not to be a rich man's club, but to be an association of like-minded individuals, independent enough to make their own way. That is why we try to keep expenses, such as surface mail, to a minimum. Many of the expenses are being borne by the officer or member involved. Should you feel so inclined you can send contributions to the NAF by mailing them to Don Morgan. His address is under the list of officers. But the main point here to share information you receive at our web site with those you know or believe do not have access to it. For those friends and acquaintances a phone call or letter is always in order anyway. It's a way for each member to be sure all members are informed. Please participate.

At this moment here in southwest Colorado the skies are gloomy and snow is spitting on us. It is time for me to go feed the horses and be sure everything that need to be under cover, is. Until our next communication I remain,

Y'r Sv't  Bill Cunningham



Howdy, Boys    Well, our doin's at Mission San Juan Bautista, Feb. 6, 7, & 8  is shapin' up to be a great one!  I've been in contact with Mark Hatfield (gotta ask him if he's descended from ol' Devil Anse, hisself ) new NAF member #117, and he and the other new members from that area are really enthusiastic about our organization. Three of them want medallions, even at $60 a pop. George has contacted Ole in hopes that we may have them in time for the San Juan event. They also want to get their own  NAF flag to fly at all their events at the mission and elsewhere' Mark has informed me that Bill Martini, new member and blacksmith at the mission, has connections with a rancher outside Hollister who says we could have on the ground doin's on his ranch ~ fires AND shooting. This possibility will certainly be looked into further. As  I understand it, we could do this twice a year.   I have designed a new masthead for a hardcopy edition of the newsletter, should that be a reality. The internet is great, BUT not everyone has it.  I, being completely off the grid, have periods of time, days, sometimes, when I'm completely without power,  then we really live 1840's style. In the summer it's usually no problem, tho.  Anyway ,DUM SPIRO SPERO <onward and upward.>    My hunt an' peck finger's gettin' tired so I'll wrap this. Be well,  see you up the trail.   

Yur .  F & B,                

Don Morgan



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