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Nov/Dec 2008


The drag race car that I have been rebuilding since 2004 with help of a few friends (sounds like a song). Proved it could run with the best of them for its class (classes). Built to compete in (3) different classes with minor changes - letting us run in the class with the most winnings $$$ at different events. Figured this would be my last shot at banging heads with the "boys of summer" at my age and being retired. 

My wife told me "this is the last one, so get rid of the disease of speed this time. There will not be another race car coming home once this one is gone."

Well guys how understanding is your spouse? You want a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT, that's new from the ground up, inside and out and fast for a 340 small block at 11.00 flat. It will make the big block boys take a second and third look at how hard and straight it goes.

I'm back to the old job as the person that knew how to build these pages changed his mine after a few weeks !@#$%^  We start gathering more articles and be in full swing by the first of the year.



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