Our Captain convinced Buck to take his old job back as the NAF Editor or take an ass-whoopin'.

Buck is coming back




Having held several Division & National ET/MPH Records in AHRA & NHRA in the '60s & '70s that fever never left. We lost our editor to follow an old dream that has been biting him for 30 years. He has once again proved he could run with "the boys of summer" & still hold his own.

recordhld.jpg 1978 AHRA Div. Record Holder picture by projectmopar

NHRA/IHRA SS/FA, NMC or Pro ET classes.



Nov/Dec 2008

Nov/Dec 2008

  1. NAF

  2. Editor

  3. History Facts

  4. Recipes

  5. Hafen's Books

  6. Winter Comfort

  1. NAF news from the Captain & the Treasurer.
  2. What one has to do to make things in your mind rest..........
  3. Who was first in St. Louis, the French or the Spanish?
  4. From the time of the colonies and through the Indian Wars most common recipes found.
  5. Our Captain references to some great history and good reading of a time gone bye..
  6. Mr. Kramer shares his knowledge of making winter camping more comfortable.