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See your Captain's Bio in the Jan/Feb 07 issue of the North American Frontiersmen's "Smoke Signals".


Well spring is coming on us fast here in the West. As a new association that has  survived its second year, and our high standards for having fun has provided everyone with an enjoyable time. The coming year is going to be a good one for the same and sharing with others of like minds.

We need to have a presence at as many events as we can and continue to spread the information about the N.A.F.. and its high quality of its members.

We have started the first International on-line Primitive Magazine that is free to the public showing the lifestyle that we all enjoy from Muzzleloading, Archery, Survival and how to camp in a totally correct period manor. 




See your Treasurer's Bio in the Jan/Feb 07 issue of the North American Frontiersmen's "Smoke Signals".

Treasurer's Report:


As of Feb 1, 2008, we have $1939.48 in the kitty, plus I have two membership fees in hand for $25 each, with another supposedly on the way.

Our expenses last year were practically nil, as our encampments paid for themselves through voluntary donations.


I am looking forward to attending our back-to-back events in early summer, as announced by Howdy and Ole.

Yr Obt Svt



A historical quote that we the NAF will display in our thoughts and actions.

"If one can't say something positive about another, then its better to say nothing".

dedicated to early American life on the frontier.

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