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A few facts about Thomas Jefferson

Hears a little history for you, did you know that Thomas Jefferson persuaded Congress to adopt a decimalized coinage system which has served as the basis of our monetary system to this day. Like many of the items we take for granted, came from the Franklin - Jefferson period like the one just mentioned, much of our legal system, even business practices to gardening. Its amazing the minds and thoughts that this period generated, truly great thinkers along with being doers. Think where or who we would be if these folks had not stepped forward and took command of the development of this new land.

Jefferson's orchards yielded a variety of apples, probably the best selection in the colonies for decades, one of his favorites was the Taliaferro of which he made his favorite apple cider, so sweet he claimed - "no sweetener was needed". TJ was know for his "green thumb", his herb and spices, vegetables and fruits were known world wide, the reason being - of his never ending trade of seeds with all he met in person or by letter. There have been dozen of books written about his passion of growing edibles, his foraging and a love of making fine wines, ciders and his books of every subject known to man.

He once wrote to John Adams "I cannot live without books", and these books are now part of our Library of Congress, sold to clear debts owed by Jefferson.

Jefferson's library was considered one of the best in the world and biggest in the New World, he admittedly "canine appetite for reading" was well - known - and has inspired the ages. After the British burned part of the Capitol during 1814, destroying the Congressional library, Jefferson offered to sell his personal library to repair the loss. The books numbered nearly seven thousand and became the nucleus of the present day "Library of Congress", "establishing the breathe and character of our nation's library" wrote John Adams.



TJ noted "nature intended me for the tranquil pursuits of science," although politics drew him away from these pursuits, he sill found time for experiments, observations, and calculations wrote Daniel P. Jordan, President of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation located at Jefferson's Monticello home.

Throughout his life Jefferson gathered a world - class collection of "mathematical apparatus." In 1786 TJ visited London's most famous scientific shops, collecting telescopes, microscopes, thermometers, and globes. He was a discriminating collector, finding only pieces of the best workmanship, and materials to create one of the finest sets of scientific equipment displays in America. Later many of these tools would travel to the unknown with the Corps of Discovery lead by Lewis and Clark.

Not only interested in the "mathematical apparatus" just mentioned, he designed his own homes, government buildings, parks and wildlife retreats. His designs of furniture, silver and glass wares is still copied today, he was able to gather his thoughts, organize them and then draft a plan to make them a reality. Ben Franklin, Thomas Payne, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson where thought of as equals to Aristotle and Plato of an earlier time. Their vision's in this New World changed the world and the lives of all who came to make it their home

And to think, we have problems getting up to go to work each day, and complain when we get home and have a few things to do in the evening.



period archery pertaining to those than went before us.

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