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Interesting note that I found a few months ago in one of my many file folders from an NAF member about Native Americans and the lack of them coming to join most ranks in this sport. wrote:

    Sorry Diane but as in much of the world today it is all befuddled.  We don't get to see too many Native American at most Rendezvous.  I had a talk with a professor who is Native.  The general consensus is that we are nuts ...........

The younger folks are more interested in modern ways, stepping out of the run down settlements, or like some - wanting more than what is handed to them by the government. Not all but a good percentage want more than what their folks have had, not just clothes and a new car or truck.

  Go to Pow wow, and I don't have to tell you "Vegas style" (my name, you can make up your own) rules.  I have seen and this is the ultimate best, Native Americans at Pow wow co-opting (hope I "spelt" that right) velvet ribbon work and 3-D bead work from the Mardi Gras Indians...........

We have done this in the Denver area (Pow Wow's), selling beautiful clothing which much is made by the whites, many ex BSA's that got their start with the old Joe Hunt books back in the 50's and 60's. Some of the native trader's main source of supply are from these craftsman, biggest problem is the items are presented as "Native American Made".

  Jake Pontillo, a nice Italian Boy from Queens, has been paid by Reservations and Native groups to teach porcupine quill work to Native Americans.......

Jake is not alone, there are many whites per say that teach the almost forgotten stories, crafts, and so on to various Nations throughout North America, we see this more and more in resent years.

  We from a historical perspective research things as they were.  Many mountain men and long hunters lived, traded, married, fought against and were allied to Native Americans.........

It's funny on one hand their culture has faded from many, but on the other - good that some are starting to get involved in relearning the ways and starting to teach those interested, finally.

  Native and ALL Americans have the right and even the obligation to proceed into the future........

Awareness Groups in many of the large corporations in the Americas have started to work with their different groups of people within their companies to promote the different cultures and to support them.

I work for a telecommunications company that it's territory takes in 14 western states, I have been involved with a group called "Voice of Many Feathers" that covers many of the different groups. Here in Denver alone we have a dozen different native American tribes coming to monthly meeting, taking part in feeding the poor, caring for the needy and working with native Americans for the different holidays.

When first started we had a few "token" brothers and sisters, more 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 than full bloods, the original group for the 14 states was less than two dozen, now we are proud to say we are over 1,000 + members for our region. That doesn't sound like many for a company that's 53,000 strong but you have to remember that many still feel that others look down on them, so rather than stand and be counted, they keep low profiles.

For myself, I never knew my family had any other blood than Irish/Scot or Dutch until I was taking care of an Aunt, three weeks before she died she told me that my great great grandmother was taken by Delaware Indians from PA to OH when a young girl. She walked home 4 years later in Jan and Feb. carrying my great grandmother, she had slipped away when gathering firewood. The reason we where never told about this was Indians on the East coast where considered worthless drunks when I grew up.  

Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) member.  


Walt "Griz" Hayward you are missed deeply, keep a fire burning for us to find you when our time is near.


A historical quote that we the NAF will display in our thoughts and actions.

"If one can't say something positive about another, then its better to say nothing".


dedicated to early american life on the frontier.

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