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Well summer will be here shortly here in the West. As a new association and just surviving its first National Encampment, we have managed to set a high standard for having fun. This coming year is going to be a good one enjoying the same and sharing with others of like minds as our 2nd National Encampment dates have been set, a location has been agreed upon and officers are finishing the details.

As mentioned before we need to have a presence at as many events as we continue to spread the information about the N.A.F.. and its high quality of its members.

Our on-line Primitive Magazine feature is free to the public showing the lifestyle that we all enjoy from Muzzleloading, Archery, Survival and how to camp in a totally correct period manor. We are hoping this our Magazine will spark enthusiasm with the younger 20 and 30 year old crowd and encourage them to join this hobby making it continue to grow.


A historical quote that we the NAF will display in our thoughts and actions.

"If one can't say something positive about another, then its better to say nothing".


dedicated to early american life on the frontier.

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