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See your Editor's Bio in the Jan/Feb issue of the North American Frontiersmen's "Smoke Signals".

   Hey we got the idea working and managed our 1st issue of "Smoke Signals" magazine for the "North American Frontiersmen Association" successfully. We have had some very nice comments from members and non-members alike. 

   An interesting suggestion was we start a section to address "questions or problems" that members and non-members are experiencing with their equipage or camp gear. If a suggested concern has value, we will look into it and see what can be done. So to make a long story short the NAF now has it's own "NAF Q&A Message Board". You have a questions or problems here's the place to have others try and provide some help.


When reading the magazine, if you find a spelling error, just think of Mark Twain’s statement;

  • its a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word."

  Another one of his statements was; 

  • never tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.  

   Boy that last quote is so true as we have found with this association and how its members have come forward to help with what ever the project or needs are. Your officers and folks here thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Mr. Cunningham has been helping with my duties, I wanted a second opinion on how each issue will look and the information provided is useful and correct for the period written. Bill stepped up to handle the task.

* Another issue that seems to need be addressed is when an NAF Apprentice is putting together their paperwork that  several have not included pictures of themselves along with others in a primitive camp or doing some of the required skills as stated in the Bi-Laws..


Shown are some of the officers/members thoughts on ideal times for taking your pictures to be included with your paperwork for advancement to the rank of Woodsman (Regular) Membership. This is really needed if not able to camp with NAF Members in your surrounding area.

Have a complete personal outfit  [PICTURES].

  • clothing
  • weaponry
  • camping gear
  • traveling gear

Along with the skills mentioned in the Requirements.

Accumulated 15 days of total time in the field, under primitive conditions.  [PICTURES].

During these outings, must demonstrate basic survival skills such as procuring sustenance (hunting, gathering and fishing) [PICTURES].

Here's ideas for good documentation with a few pictures.

  • procuring safe water
  • making shelters
  • starting fires (by at least two methods)
  • making cordage
  • cooking for yourself and others (with and without utensils)
  • field maintenance of clothing
  • tools and weapons.

Sponsor: Don't forget your signature, its your bond that the Apprentice measures up to the ideals of the Association, has fully and willingly demonstrated the ability to survive under primitive conditions, in the company of other members, and is ready to assume full membership as Woodsman.



dedicated to early American life on the frontier.

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