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Buck Conner's articles have been seen in a number of publications; "On the Trail", "Backwoodsman", "Tomahawk & Long Rifle", "Black Powder Report", "Buckskin Report", "Poke & Stroke" magazines, Smoke & Fire News" also found in "The Colonial Society", and the "Colorado Collectors" journals.  He is currently writing as a columnist for "Buckskinner" magazine. His new book "Success in The North American Fur Trade" is a collection of company records, reviews, and the author's thoughts on the subject and the history of the Northwest Trade Gun.


  I talked to Ole Jensen and Bill Cunningham about having a bi-monthly on line (Internet available) magazine, they like the idea. It would replace our "Smoke Signals" Newsletter (larger in size) and be available for anyone with Internet access to view.

  Bill said he would write articles for each issue on various subjects, Howdy Davis is willing to cover the archery articles, Mike Moore will be available for the mountain men and adventurers section and I will cover the edibles and camp wares. We are all experienced in these areas with years of knowledge for the subject, not bragging just a fact.

   We will ask members to submit articles for their own personal treks, etc. like seen in "Muzzleloader", "Muzzle Blasts" and other period magazines.



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